The Real Thing

        In reading “the Real Thing” by Henry James, I took notice of the many exchanged glances that the characters shared with one another. For example, “the lady looked at the gentleman, and the gentleman looked round the room”; “my visitors exchanged a glance”; ” a sense of strangeness seemed to dawn on the lady.”  It is those small subtle glances that make an impression on the reader.  It creates an atmosphere of mystery.  Therefore, it is the storyline that James  is concerned about?, or is it that curiosity we produce within us as we are presented with mysterious characters?  It is the process of figuring out why the novel is significant that James wants the reader to experience. We ask ourselves questions, like  how are the characters going to interact with one other? What is the lesson and who will teach it? The answers to these questions are information that James wants to prolong till the very end of the story.  The technique of prolonging information is what creates this perplexing storyline.

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  1. Dominique says:

    What IS the storyline, Jessie?

    3/4 (If you end up adding to this, please let me know.)

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